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Black Flag Republic photo

Enter with Purpose

Alaska’s only power-bodybuilding gym and 1st Phorm retailer

If you are a gym rat in need of a home, you won’t find a better training environment. Our new 6000 SF location at 715 Parks Highway in Wasilla will open in July 2023. We cater to strength and physique athletes but all are welcome. As a 1st Phorm retailer, we carry a variety of products from the best supplement brand around so you know you are purchasing quality supplements that will get you results. We’ll have regular staffed hours at our new location so non-members can come in and purchase their 1st Phorm supps.

Power-bodybuilding focuses on increasing strength on the the three primary movements; the bench press, squat, and deadlift, while also maintaining a strong physique through bodybuilding accessory work. Due to this focus, the gym will have 4 squat racks with deadlift platforms attached, a ghost competition combo rack, two standalone deadlift platforms, and two flat olympic bench presses. We also purchase great barbells and a variety of other pieces of equipment. Our dumbbells currently go up to 120 lbs but will increase in the future.

We’ve blacked out the entire gym and added dimmable LED lighting and two posing rooms. We’re serious when we say this gym is unlike any other gym in the state.

There is a membership cap to ensure the gym does not get too crowded so please reach out to us on Instagram @blackflagrepublic or send us an email to see if there are spots available.

We are a USA Powerlifting (USAPL) friendly gym